Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh my, Mary Lou Whitney is back to showing her old arms again.  -sigh-  After she came back, from her stroke, the way she dressed was simple and lovely.  A Grand Dame, as she should look, at her age.

No longer did she have her *blond* hair done in some sort of a do, and wear old arm/old skin revealing clothes.  What a relief.  She looked lovely, the way her stylist was dressing her then.

Hmmmmmm...  Looks like she fired that stylist and is back to "doing herself up."  Look at those old arms!!!!!!  Ugh...

I'm in my 70's and I cover my arms, to the elbow and below, now days.  So as not to *inflict* my old arms, on the world.  She's older than I am.  Wish she would do the same.  

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