Thursday, September 5, 2013

"A Rather Lovely Inheritance"

"A Rather Lovely Inheritance" by C.A. Belmond is very lovely book!  I enjoyed it "muchly."  One of those books, which you don't want to end...  A mostly gentle, classy read, complete with non-wealthy-at-the-beginning- heroine.

I certainly agree with a reviewer who wrote"And this is a rather lovely book, too. Penny Nichols is a historian and researcher for a Hollywood television production company currently on the French Riveria filming a story. She is summoned to London to handle an inheritance for her English-born mother. She encounters wealth, stealth, and a rather lovely man. A sweet book with wonderful characters, riches, and love. Moving back and forth between the French riveria and London is also not too shabby a life for a struggling historian. Very enjoyable."

The author is quoted as saying (in back of the book) that: "I have a real fondness for the clever yet wistful songs, movies and theatre of the 1920s and 1930s.  I love the rapid-fire, sassy bantering..."  

If you too, enjoy a set-in-the-present book, which has been called:  "A return to the golden age of romantic suspense!"  then I suggest that you find a copy, in your library system.


And look!!!!!!!  There are 3 more books, in this Series!  How delightful!

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Sylvia said...

I love to read books that make me feel like I am a friend and draws me into every event. When it's finished you wonder "what is going on in the lives" of each one.