Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snow?~~~Santa, are you listening?~~~

A perfect bit of snow, is on the pumpkin.  :-)

by Emily Brightwell

Isn't that a cute cover?  And this is another cute entry in the "Mrs. Jeffries Mysteries" series...  A very Seasonal "cozy" mystery. 

Will we be in for a real winter snow storm, in "my neck of the woods", this coming weekend...?   -sigh-  Got to make sure we are stocked up, before it blows in. ~~~~~~~~~    Btw, I'm in the NE, so we "know" snow.  But the older I get, the less I seem to be able to "handle" the cold.  So I don't want to have to go out, in it.  :-)

"Christmas won't be Christmas 
without any presents."

~Louisa May Alcott 'Little Women'

With all my reading of British "cozies," I'm using my tea kettle to heat water for my decaf.  Instead of heating it, in a measuring cup, in the microwave.  But all we have is a very plain little tea kettle. 

I hope I will have a cute little red and white polka dot tea kettle, after Christmas.  :-))))

I hope.

I hope.

I hope.



NanaDiana said...

Oh- What a cute post, Tessa. I loved Little Women and have read it at least three times over the years.

I hope, I hope, I hope you get your red and white polka dot teapot for Christmas, too.

Have a wonderful day- xo Diana

Penelope's Beehive said...

Ohhh, I am so glad that I popped in to visit with you today...I had not heard of the "Mrs. Jeffies Mysteries!" I shall go on a book hunt surely.
Such a fun little pot...I do hope that one is hiding under the tree come Christmas morning!
Sending joy your way...

Petra said...

ha, this must mean I'm ancient. I can't handle the cold at all :)

Weekend-Windup said...

Seeing the snow fall i get freeze. I hope you will have a red teapot to keep you warm form that chill climate.

DogsMom said...

Did you send a letter to Santa asking for a tea kettle? Otherwise you may have to paint those dots yourself.

Your British cozies look like fun.