Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just going shopping....

This poor woman.  She can't just go shopping, without causing a media frenzy.  

"Oh look, how tiny she is, so soon after giving birth!!!"
"Oh wow!"
"Oh wow!"
"Oh wow!"

I do not want to be influenced by the media's message, that all women must be thin.

But I looked at this pic.  -sigh-  Yes, I did.  

I happen to like Kate.  Not in a cult-following way.  In a...  This-couple-seems-to-be-trying-to-live-as-normal-a-life,- as-is-possible,-in-their-life-situation way. 

So, if I applaud their down-to-earth-ness, "should" I have followed this story? 

Oh what a mass of contradictions, are we humans.  One moment, we espouse one view.  A couple of moments later, we espouse another.  



Sylvia said...

I agree!

Marilyn said...

Agree too, but I must say she looks so good. I hadn't seen this picture.

paris parfait said...

The media obsession with women and weight has got to stop! She is a beautiful woman, no matter her size. We'd all be better off if the media reported actual challenges we face and potential solutions, rather than scrutinizing women for any miniscule "flaw" that doesn't pass Hollywood and fashion's ideals of perfection.