Monday, August 26, 2013

So far...

Since beginning this blog, I've been determined to not let it "become in charge."  By that I mean, to not let it become almost like  a "job."

Giving me the feeling that I must, must, must post daily.  That makes blogging feel like a "job," to me.  Trouble is, I tend to be very chatty, so it wasn't hard for me to find things to blog about, daily.

But when one blogs daily, and one reads/comments in the blogs of others, daily...  One gathers Readers.  I was the kind of blogger, who could not visit-without-making-a-comment, on blogs.  It only seemed kind and polite.

But there again, when I read a post, I am so chatty that I tend to always have something to easily comment.

  But, commenting too, soon became a kind of a *Necessity* for me.

So far, with this blog, my blogging has remained very loose and casual, and it has suited me, this Summer. 



Storybook Woods said...

The beauty of blogging is it is your baby. You get to do what you want. I really think you only need to make yourself happy. Clarice

Sylvia said...

One must enjoy, so I understand. Lovse your moss rose and that tomato looks ready to be eaten, yum.