Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A new "Page" here........

 WOW!  Look at that eye-candy picture above!  Book shelves...  Comfy furniture to curl up in....  And lots of Red....   -happy sigh-

OK, the real reason for this post is......  I make a new "Page," with a list of the books I am reading, in 2013.  It's for a memory prompt.  And if you are looking for a possible reading suggestion, you could look at it, please. (Myself, I always love to find possible reading suggestions)

 This "Pages" thing is kind of new to me, but..... If you look, right under my Header picture, you will find "Books Read In 2013."  And click on that.

I know.  Most everyone knows how to get around a blog, but I don't always...  So I write info, for those like me, who are techy-info-challenged.  ,-)


September Violets said...

If you're a bit techy-info challenged, you've done great to get that list up there! I'll definitely be taking a peek now & then to see something new to read. Have a great day Tessa. Wendy x

Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

I think your new header photo and blog design are quite lovely!

Sylvia said...

I am tech challenged, my computer has been down since Sunday afternoon, when I got it back today I had to call the IT man to help me hook it back up even tho I labeled all my wires and drew a design on paper. I love your new header. You may need to teach me a few new things that you've learned.
Have a great week Tessa.

Anonymous said...

oh, you're quite the eclectic reader. fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Pish Posh you don't know what you're doing! LOL! Looks quite impressive to me as does the new header. The more you play around with your blog's appearance the more you learn; er, unless you're like me and I forget stuff constantly :D
If you ever get stuck I'd be glad to throw my 2cents in :D Isn't that what being a blogging sister is all about after all?!
Hugs and enjoy the day my dear friend!

DogsMom said...

The only way any of us learn is to get in there and try.
I have made the pages and then don't keep them up to date, which is what I am trying to do now, but then I get distracted seeing beautiful blogs, like yours, and wanting to get in on conversations.
And I open 6 or 8 (or 12) tabs at a time and lose the trail back to where I started!

I am going to take a look at your book page. I tried to keep up and do reviews on GoodReads, but as good as my intentions were, life also takes us in many directions daily.

Love your photos.

Rhissanna said...

Well done on adding pages and a book list sounds like a lovely idea! As for the eye-candy, I'm busy making a room just like that for Hubby. It's using Wal*mart's cheapy bookshelves but I'm making it as cosy as I can. It's really nice to have somewhere to read and write.