Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 4... "Feeling better" creeps over the windowsill... :-)

The cover art, on a Vermont Country Store catalogue...  Awwwwww, I just love old-fashioned looking art like this.  Especially in the Autumn time.  The mom answering the door, looks like a 40's or 50's era mom.  The children's costumes, look to be from those era's too.  No *super heroes* or etc.  Just a simple old fashioned clown and witch.  
Wearing white socks with *saddle shoes.*   
(Anyone remember, shoes being called *saddle shoes*???) 

Day 4 of this cold...  It continues to go through various creepy, icky, miserable, *ughy* phases, as colds do.  But this morning, I did feel better.  Actually got out of my flannel-granny-night-gown and put on my big-girl-clothes.  And felt like doing something.  Nothing big, but something.  
NOT quite ready to dance.  Nope, not yet.  But better....
 And even if I'm not yet dancing...
I do like that Nietzsche quote above.  For me, it speaks to... Not dismissing ideas/views/choices of others, just because we didn't think of them, ourselves. 

I think I would dance, if I had these shoes, though...   :-)

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