Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My *Neat-ness Bug* has been fed!!! :-))))

Have taken pics, and not yet posted them...  Then I get confused, as to which I have posted, and which I haven't.  Must get pics in iPhoto, posted.  Then Delete them.  Then start over again!!!!!!!!!  :-)

Petunias, happily "hanging in there"!

Decorations, when I brought them down and spread them on the table...

Just some changing leaves, across the street.

More "Pumpkin Patch" decorations for sale.  Those are ugly witches, though.  I'd not buy them.  I only have cute, happy, funny witches...  In my decorations.

The hydrangia, which keeps "hanging in there."

"Light"   "Dark"

Sun, on fake Autumn leaves...

Whoooo-hooooooo...  I just got rid of a bunch of used pics, and I feel better now.  -grin-  It "feeds" my *Neat-ness Bug*...  And my iPhoto app. doesn't confuse me now, when I open it up.  :-))))))))


Tracy Altieri said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year! I can see that you truly enjoy it as well!

Sylvia said...

Great Photo's Tessa. I have been going thru my photo album and deleting also. Have a good day.

Gayla said...

Your decorations against the white lace are so pretty! You have a wonderful collection of Autumn treasures! I'm with you on witches. I like the pretty ones or the classic.... Not the doofussy ones! Lol