Thursday, November 7, 2013

A very varied post... ,-)

Thursday dawned rainy here.  But this was the beautiful southern  view of the sky, the other early-evening.

I need to look up the name of that beautiful Evening Star...  Which appears below, and to the left of the waxing Moon....  ~~~  There is a "reflection" of the Moon, a little bit above it...  Because I had to take these pictures, through a Den window.  :-)

-Various shadows-

~Rug in Den~

To carry on my Books-Library-Book-StoreTheme of the other day...  :-)  How is this for a quirky doorway, in a quaint Book Store????  Wish I knew where it is located.  I found it in this blog post, but click-able source link below it, didn't work.  -pout-


And since I'm on a kinda' silly kick here, in this post, I leave you with an early Christmas decorating suggestion!!!  I've seen a lot of different Christmas trees, but this one is really different.  -gigggggles-



NanaDiana said...

Tessa- That sky is just beautiful. I have seen that book tree before but NOT the doorway arch. That is AMAZING. I would love to see it in person- xo Diana

Sylvia said...

Oh I like the "book christmas tree",Tessa.