Saturday, November 16, 2013


Another delightfully illustrated book, by Elsa Bedskow.  Oh these drawings make me want to draw some, just like them...  Myself.

My Header (the silhouette) is from inside this book..

I finally finished decorating my mantel.  And a good thing that is.  It's close to Thanksgiving.  And when it gets close to a holiday, I get *antsy* to change decorations.

-grin-  My bad.  I know.  Don't rush the Seasons.  Don't rush seasonal decorating.  Do not rush the Turning of the Wheel of the Year.  It turns fast enough, as is.  Or seems to.... 

Where are you, on this matter?  Content to stay in the current holiday mode, until it is over?  Get *fidgetty* to change decorations, early?  Or maybe, the very opposite....  Tend to be *later* than *everyone* else, with your holiday decorating?

There are no wrong answers.  We each do, what we do, and that's fine.

And I actually put something up on my Page of "Sometimes I Write." 
 For if you have the time and inclination.  We are all busy, I know.


September Violets said...

I've slowed right down in my decorating. I didn't even put anything up for Halloween this year. Since our Thanksgiving is back in October, we don't have the rush of three holidays together. I hate seeing Christmas decorations up before December. I think they start looking tired by the time Christmas rolls around. I put few decorations outdoors, but there's always a real pine wreath on the door and a couple of my childhood sleds beside the door. And only lights where I can reach them from a small step ladder (because I dread taking them down from way up high if things get icy). Your mantle looks SO nice Tessa with the leaves & lighting. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Wendy x

Eve said...

Seeing you mention Elsa Beskow on Storybook woods I just had to come check out your blog. I am so glad I did!