Saturday, December 7, 2013

This and that, from Friday...

More faerie lights!!!!!  :-))))))

Actually saw geese going over, Fri. morning.  But, typically, I didn't get good pics. 

Dairy, in a glass bottle!  Which you return to the store, for your refund.  Isn't that super?!?!?   Actually, this is "1/2 and 1/2", which I got in the Healthy Living Store.  

Yes, I'm *unnecessarily* happy, over it coming in a glass bottle.  -grin-   But then, I'm old enough to remember when milk was delivered to our front porch, in glass bottles.  And in the winter, you had to be sure to bring it in, before it froze.
 Or the cream on top, would rise right up out of the bottle, "carrying" the little paper cap up, with it.  -grin-

Before the tree can go up, on the little table, the toy train set has to be installed, around it.  And it's never easy to do!!!!  Poor husband was working on that, on Friday.   -chuckle-  And anything around here, is "fair game," to be a "Photo Op"!!! 

I've been wanting a candle, without flame.  Finally got one.  Guess I'm not quite as excited about it, as I was, before getting it.   Isn't that often the way with things.....?  

Also got the little fake mercury glass candle holders.  Looking into them, is pretty...  So I don't want to put sea salt and candles, into them!  Then I couldn't look down into their pretty "insides."

And here, I played with the ap which comes on my computer...  And made the picture sort of fuzzy.  Just for fun........  I love photos of faerie-lights-which-look-fuzzy...  They make it easier to think of little dots of light, being faeries....

In the summer, we have fireflies.  (To think of, as faeries)  In winter, we have faerie lights.  But if fireflies are summer faeries, Dec. lights must be winter faeries.  :-)



NanaDiana said...

I love faeries, too, Tessa, and our home is full of them flitting here and there. I see your hubby is busy-better than my own who sees the remote as a chore!;>) Loving your touches of Christmas-xo Diana

Sylvia said...

I was in a "happy" mood this morning also, you can see when you visit my blog. Have a good weekend.

Petra said...

ha, I'm old enough to remember glass bottles full of mile delivered to your door too :) have a wonderful weekend!!

ellen said...

It's looking a lot like Christmas at your home. I love fairy lights too and have some up all year round. Maybe I am too lazy to take them down..not really...I just love charming night lights. I have one that I adore..a mother squirrel with her babies and acorns.
I well remember the milkman. At our house in Hawaii he used to come all the way up the stairs and put the milk in our old frig.
Have a lovely weekend. We have had lots of snow, at least a lot for my part of the world.

Beth P said...

I remember milk delivered in glass bottles too! I love fairies and agree that those little twinkling lights remind me of them. :D
Beth P