Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday musings...

So far this summer, I've been reading "Cozy" after "Cozy" after "Cozy."  So for a change, I got this lovely coffee-table-type book ("Summers In France") out of the library.  And the delightful sounding "The Children Of Noisy Village."

The "Summer"... one is full of dreamy pictures, from the author's nearly 20 years of spending her summers in France...  In the French farm, which she completely re-did...  With her family...  And with "hundreds" of her friends.  Not kidding with the "hundreds."  She entertains in a big way!

 The house and area provide all, with a lovely setting.  Friends can go/do what they choose, during the days.  But all gather around her table, for evening meals.  Always...

 I'm sure I'm very late, in coming across these "Children Of Noisy Village" books.  I know Pippy Longstockings, but not these books by Astrid Lindgren.

 Out the window over the kitchen sink.  It's been too cool at night, to let the heat stay in the pool.  Extended family members don't want to go in it, when the water isn't warm enough.  Not even my husband wants to go in it, when the water gets cool and the temps are cool-ish too.

So, me-thinks the pool will be closed early, this year.

It's been cool enough, especially at night, to start thinking of Autumn.  Noticing the shadows of ambiance lighting (above), kind of goes with Autumnal thoughts...  :-)  ~~~~~~  Evening shadows...  Magical...  Looking as if they had been painted by the Fey...   :-))))

But the Cosmos are still so pretty, in the sun.  And I'm not pushing toward Autumn.  ~~~~~~  I love, love, love that Season.  But I never want to hurry the Changing of the Seasons...  I don't wish to hurry the turning of the Wheel of the Year.


Marilyn said...

This time of year it is such a beautiful time with the flowers and fresh fruit in abundance. I would have a hard time still not putting a toes or a foot in the pool and just sitting at the edge.

Julie Marie said...

Hello Tessa... and thanks so much for your visit... so happy you found Summers in France to read!... my daddy's side of the family is all from Soual which is a hop away from Kathryn's home near Toulouse... I am half French... still waiting to be invited to Kathyrn's home there... tee hee hee!... xoxo Julie Marie said...

We've had an extremely mild
August and parts of July, and also have not been in the water much. For us, it is the boat we keep on a nearby lake. I have to wait for warm water, or I can't jump in and this summer, it hasn't gotten there for me!