Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy October first!!! :-)

I so love this October quote!!!   And Susan Branch must too, since she used it, on her mini calendar for 2013.

The one hydrangea we got this year, is still changing color and looking pretty.  We got some, down behind the pool, but don't really see them, down there.

I was behind, with my Autumnal decorating, this season.  But I got lots down, and spread them on the kitchen table.  And put them around, from this staging point.  Not quite everything is put up yet, but nearly...

 Still have pictures left, from going to 'The Pumpkin Patch' last week.  

So I'll keep putting them up here...  :-)

-sigh-  I don't like "ugly witch" decorations.  I only buy happy/cute "witch" decorations.

'Aunt Jett' and 'Aunt Frances' ("Practical Magic") are my idea of pretty/sweet/feisty Witches.

And how I'd love a pair of those shoes, myself!!!

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