Monday, December 9, 2013


Mincemeat Pie
But did you ever see a Mincemeat Pie, like this????
I didn't feel like making a lattice top...  So I took a champagne glass and cut out some holes, in top crust.  -giggles-  Ho, ho, ho...

This time we did get some snow.  And now, some sort of precipitation is falling.

"The days are short, 
the weather's cold, 
by tavern fires 
tales are told."
~New England Almanac, Dec. 1704~

I changed my Header pic, over the weekend.  I'm growing to love this choice, now.  :-)  Of course, I usually "love" whatever Header pic, I have up.  For a while, anyway.

This picture seems to be of a store window exhibit...  With little "dolls" placed about.  The window and tree size, are rather super-sized.  And this effect, is charming.


You know what ISN'T charming?  

In all the illustrations of old fashioned family gatherings, the rich are enjoying themselves.  And the "downstairs" people, are serving them.  After a while, I notice this.  And the reality of it, is ......  not-so-nice.

If the serving class was being well paid, then that would be a different matter.  But it wasn't so, in these lovely old fashioned times, we see illustrated... 

Little bird decoration, which we've had for a long time...

And a little old bear, which we've had for a long time, also.


Sylvia said...

I love your header photo's too, Tessa, where do you find them. I have never had Mincemeat Pie! It sure looks good,

Anonymous said...

I personally don't do christmas, but your pictures are nice. as to the poor serving the rich... nothing has changed, or has it? just look how much fast food workers are getting paid...