Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow comin'~~~"Party-Party"~~~Old Times

Saturday Night
nt_snow Snow likely. Low 16F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph. 8 to 12 inches of snow expected.

So, that's our weather forecast for Sat. night.  Looks like the Snow Faeries will really be active tonight.  :-))

(Btw, I really don't like "blinging pics," but it is kind-of appropriate, for this post.)

Our Christmas parties duties are over now.  We only had 2 actually.  We were never in the *Social Circuit,*  even when younger.  Now it's just a work party and a Rotary Club party, to attend. 

Slow blogging inspiration day today...  So I give you another picture, from a Vintage Blog, I found, while looking for these pic.

These pics are from the '50's and of course, I lived the 50's.  -grin-   The blog author says; 
"...... I loved the picture ...... because it has so many awesome things to look at.
1. The decor. 2. The hairstyles on the woman..awesome 3. The nothing but Tinsel Christmas Tree (love!). 4. The very stylish ties on the men."

And I add, look at the lazy-susan coffee table...  The fan over the doorway...  The curtains...  And are those Christmas cards, hung over the doors?  Remember stringing Christmas cards up, hither-and-yon, at the Holidays?  I do!  :-)

Free Vintage Christmas Cards, found on the Net


NanaDiana said...

Tessa- What great old pictures. I have several from when my hubby's grandparents were quite the "talk of the town". They were big fish in a small pond here so were in the newspaper. "And Mrs. K poured the tea" It is funny to look back and see how different society was back then.

I came from a humble farm and we strung our Christmas cards and strung popcorn for our Christmas tree. It was a simple, wonderful life. xo Diana

Penelope's Beehive said...

Garlands fashioned from bits of paper, scraps of cloth, Christmas cards folded into stars, and the like...celebrations of days long past. Although truth be told, my Mister and I still do "simple." We find it most enjoyable, and seems to be the best fit.
Stay warm and safe from the winter storm!

Petra said...

fantastic. I did not live in the 50s. but I do love that era.