Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec. 2nd... Some old... Some new...

I so loved some of these Christmas Holiday store displays, downtown...  That I use these photos, again and again.  (Sorry, to anyone who has seen them before...  -grin-)  I really have to take photos of downtown, this Season... 

These first two pics are of a down street toy store, called "Geewillikers"...   (And it's an example of taking a photo, with lots of reflections, caught in the glass.   I love this kind of pic.!)

This toy store decorates beautifully, all year long.  But at Christmas Time, they go-all-out, naturally.  This is where one goes, to get old fashioned toys.  Not the latest flashing-plastic-whirrrring-monstrosity.  -grin-

Doll houses, and theaters, and knights/castles, and cuddly toys, and dolls-dolls-dolls, and, and, and....   :-))))

And this was a toy train, set up in a liquor store window display.  Reminded us of the toy train, which my husband has set up around/under our little Christmas Tree, for a few years now.  Our youngest "Grand" lives next door, and he loves to come over and watch the train...

He has been content to flop-down on the floor and just watch, watch, watch the train go "round and round and round."  He's 3 1/2 this year.  Hope he still doesn't want to disrupt it.  Nope!  He will not get away with that!  Just hope he is still calm enough, to watch it.

It sort of "disappears," when it goes around behind the tree table, so that makes it a bit more interesting....  :-)   

More of those delightful old fashioned illustrations!


We know that life was harder, back then.  We know that illustrations show an idealized version of life back then.  But still, they call to us and draw us in and make us kind of wish that we could have experienced that olden life...  Aren't we humans, funny?!?  :-))))


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Sylvia said...

Thanks for sharing these photo's Tessa. I enjoyed looking at them.