Monday, November 4, 2013

Frost ... Last harvest ... Yarn ... Etc.

Down into the 20's last night.  (Sun. night to Mon. morning)  The 'Frost Faeries' did the little Bird Bath Fountain.

But I think 'Jack Frost' himself, painted my neighbor's garage roof.   That looks like it was done, in too broad brush strokes, for wee little Faeries.  :-)))

Chippy must have his nest ready and waiting for him.

A typical sight, from all the rainy weather, we were having, last week.  Happily, it seems to have gone away.  This morning..  (Mon. morning)   the barometer can't hardly go any higher!!!

My mother sewed beautifully.  I sewed a little.  Never knitted though.  ..........  My mother-in-law was a fantastic knitter.  She taught our daughter to knit, when she was 7 years old.  And she never forgot. ..........  She knits, knits, knits...  And spins her own yarn.  And even does lace.    

   I finally asked her  (my daughter)  to teach me...  She was kind of amazed!  Brought me over  (she lives just 2 doors over...) some yarn and needles, and taught me.  I poked away at it.  Yesterday we went to a local yarn shop and I picked out a pretty color yarn and bigger needles.  :-)))))

This picture was taken of my "goodies," on my favorite chair.  See the colors?  You can see my color preference.  :-))))

Another example of our now gone, rainnnnnny weather.

Sat., son next door, was cleaning out their gardens...  The 2 smallest "Grands" brought over some fresh-picked-carrots.  :-)

Our 15 year old Granddaughter, will not eat candy.  She is concerned about what she puts into her body.  She loves volleyball, goes to the gym with her aunt, and I think that is soooo dedicated and wonderful.

And she is still a "girly-girl", with a cute boyfriend!!!  :-) 


Sylvia said...

Good morning, Tessa. Enjoyed reading your post this morning. We are having some cold weather here also. Jack Frost has gotten my Angel Trumpet,Wondering Jew and a few others. Oh well there's always next year. Your granddaughter's desire to take care of her body at that age is great. She's a smart young lady.
Have a great day.

Stacy @ Sweethearts + Sweet Tarts said...

Your comment this morning made me laugh - it does payoff to be sociable!
It is awesome that your grand kids live next door - their little carrots are cute!

DogsMom said...

Gorgeous photos. This time of year the weather can change dramatically from hour to hour. The frost is beautiful to look at first thing in the morning but I like it to disappear soon after.

How blessed you are to have family so near. I did not know how much I would miss them until it was too late.
Now we are spread far and wide.

I still want to master crochet. Young children can do it and I have seen it taught to students with different learning styles. Why am I not catching on?

I have a niece and nephew who prefer healthy snacks over my delicious sugar laden favorites. Their mother (my sister) did something right.

NanaDiana said...

Tessa- What a great post. The Frosty One was here, too, and left us with a couple of dying plants that I had meant to pull in before HE got them! lol

I have never learned to knit or crochet but used to do a LOT of sewing. I really should learn to do one of those needlework things.

Hope you had a great Monday. It's all about Green Bay Packers football here tonight- xo Diana

Gayla said...

Oh, how you will enjoy knitting! Your frost faeries did some beautiful work!

Have fun with your sweet family.