Monday, October 28, 2013

'Grey House' movie sets and etc.......

 I love movie sets, of inside old houses.  Love the sets, more than the plot of the movie.  :-)  The sets which are supposed to be inside 'Grey House,' in "The Good Witch" movies on Hallmark Channel, are sooooooooo wonderful!  Just what you would picture an old house to be.  Gorgeous deep wall colors, and lots of beautiful original woodwork, and old picture frames on the walls and....  Oh just purrrrrrrfect!  (To me, anyway...)

 So I really enjoyed this past weekend's marathon of "The Good Witch" movies, on The Hallmark Channel.  Oh yes!  Oh those sets!  Oh happy sigh!!!

And the stories are sweet also.  Delightful and charming and with a message of tolerance.  :-)  And not, not, not scary!

Have you seen any of them? 

And I all-of-a-sudden realized that Halloween is near.  As of today/Mon., it is only 3 days off. 

It's really time to post my Halloween themed photos.
And of course, to give my blog a fun Halloween Look.  I think the cute, scardy-cat-pumpkin header pic is purrrrfect.  And the vintage illustrations Background too. 


DogsMom said...

These are the cutest vintage images. Thank you for sharing.

I no longer have cable tv but those stories, the not so scary kind, are some of my favorite seasonal treats.
I also find myself appreciating the background and setting when I watch PBS shows like Masterpiece Theatre.

NanaDiana said...

Hi Tessa. Thanks for finding me and leaving me a comment today. I back linked to find you. Do you know that you are a No Reply blogger when you leave a comment? Just thought you might not know. I am your newest follower! Diana

Gayla said...

Such fun! I love those sets. Your home is so festive.. I wish I could come trick or treating! Happy Haunting!