Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blogging theme questions...

Searching again, for blogs which love/display magical thinking and whimsey and faeries, etc.  Really the only one I have found, which balances out all these things...  Is Cielo's.  I first found her "The House In The Roses" blog, and loved it.  She has moved and now writes in "The Here And Now" blog. 

Faerie lights
 Her way of blogging is the best example, of this.  And hers, seems to be about the only example of what I love.  -sigh-  Am I the only one, who just loves her blog(s)? 

No, because people comment in her blogs.  But does anyone else, want to write/picture a blog, in a (somewhat) similar way?

Yes, I do.  But I'm not nearly so talented.    I try.  Without anywhere near her success.  But, I do try.

Are there others out there, like me?  Who love these aspects of blogging?  And if so, why haven't I found them?

 Are there any others, who would love to even try, but don't? 

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September Violets said...

Well, you've got me all curious about this other blog now! I'm off to have a peek ... Wendy x